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Thank you for saving our lives, incredible Premature baby Koala BearsThursday, 24 February 2011 21:23:14 Europe/London

Thank you for saving our lives, incredible Premature baby Koala Bears

Thursday, 24 February 2011 21:23:14 Europe/London

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Sam Mack

I was writing todays blog about Classikool animal cake & cupcake topper moulds, one of them being the cutest Koala when I received an amazing story & incredible photos, and had to pass them on to you all.

It is not common for a Koala to bear twins, and regrettably in this instance the Mum was struck and killed by a passing car. Fortunately, the driver stopped and took the mother to the local vet, not knowing she was dead; where it was discovered she had these twins in her pouch.

First photo - Premature koala being fed with a syringe - so very tiny.

Followed by a pictorial chronology of their growth & ending with a big thank you for saving my life Kiss.






Cuddle _time_with_baby_koala_bears_on_classikool_blog






Thanks for saving my life! 

Itís so nice to see a story that has a happy ending in these troubled times that we live in.  Taking care of others is a great way to forget about our own problems and difficulties!

Animal Artistry Cupcakes to blow your mind & far more all on Classikool cupcake cake stands.

Animal cupcakes and cake stand tower display to blow your mind.  Pure cake art by Pretty Witty cakes, the experts in Cupcake courses and classes .

Bride and groom cupcake display by Pretty Witty Cakes on her Maypole cake stand by Classikool

Close of Bride and Groom wedding cupcakes on a Maypole cake stand tower.

Meringue heaven wedding table cake stand display on a Classikool Cake stand Mergingue display by Zoe

Yummy display by Cakes n Stuff cakes on her Classikool cake stand

3 types of cake, vanilla with vanilla frosting, Raspberry jam with raspberry frosting and Marshmallow with marshmallow frosting, all soon available at Classikool so keep your eyes open.

Classikool have lots of goodies available and here are just some of them. More to come soon

Things to help you in your cupcake business, cupcake boxes

Classikool Silicone cupcake cake topper moulds to help you create edible toppings with ease, they really make all the difference and are reuseable over and over again.

Cake boards & boxes for larger top cakes, wedding cakes, birthday cakes and more. All sizes available

Todays Inspirational Ideas for Cakes and Cupcakes

Superb inspirational photos, full credit is paid to each and every contributor. Thank you for emailing them to us and posting your images on our Facebook page. Keep them coming, the Classikool Cupcake Community is growing HUGE.

Todays montage of talent.


Supplied by Sunny of PJR Mini-Creations - Asian wedding specialists, they treat every customer like one of the family.


 Image taken from PJR Mini Creations facebook page.

Photos taken by East West Photography - see their facebook page

 "Classikool tower stands are the only ones used by PJR. They are strong, reliable and very easy to adjust. This 7 tier maypole stand was used for an engagment ceremony on boxing day. A variety of cupcake flavours and designs were used. The couple complimented the top tier cucpakes with their engagment rings, a beautiful and original touch.
-Sunny, PJR Mini-Creations."

 Super Mario cupcake display with butterfly cake stand pillars, cakes and photo by Helen Grimley, close up of cakes and butterfly pillars below.

 Cute Mario cupcake and look at the delicate butterfly pillars, just email us on the form below for info.

Brilliant icing work on this stunning pink ladies day out cupcake display on her Classikool cake tower, by Helen Grimley

I have thousands more to load but that is all for today, my little linking fingers are tired and I would like to give everyone their own space without overcrowding my blog.

More tomorrow, oh and you have to see our newest range of our sugar craft topper moulds, they are being loaded as I type and once again we have thousands of designs to come. So easy to use, such great value, so super cute.

Flexible and soft, rip and tear resistant, cute to store away , no more big bulking moulds. I would never buy moulds with mixed toppers, you tend to  pay loads for the mould and then only use one out of the mould, with our Classikool ones you get exactly what you need at the right price.

All the cake love as always, Sam x

My cupcake Friends are simply the greatest, check out their skills.

A big thank you for all your emails and for taking the time to comment on my Classikool cupcake community blog, it means so much. I am passing on your wonderful photos and skills to the world.

I am looking forward to seeing all the photos from all our new friends and including them in each Cupcake community update

The age old saying, a picture paints a thousand words is so true. So here is my epic community special. Please post your comments, share this blog, these photos deserve worldwide acknowledgment.


Giant cupcake pink and white cake display by Clare James of Blondie Bakes on a Platinum range Classikool cake stand
Cupcakes are rich vanilla with homemade Blackberry jam in the middle of the giant cupcake.

A wonderful elegant centre stage creation, a fully loaded  Maypole cake stand with white light displayed, cakes & clever display by Helen Bryant from Cupcake Revolution on 6 tiers of her 7 tier Maypole cake tower.

I will let Helen tell you in her own words about the cakes and cupcake illuminated display.

"They are Vanilla with champagne buttercream & handmade Gerberas & glittery hearts! The light in the stand looked brilliant. I was very pleased with it, thanks"



Ivory and navy wedding cupcake tower display,  6 tiers of the Classikool 7 tier maypole stand by Dawn Boddy at Dotty about Cake.

Cupcake flavours are ginger, carrot, lemon and vanilla. Oh and can you believe Dawn forgot to mention Chocolate, how can anyone leave chocolate as an afterthought. ;)

Regarding the Maypole we had a Facebook chat and in Dawns own words

"I know how could I!! I't's my favourite stand and Im getting lots of use out of it, infact I need to order another plus a 5tier one so I'll be putting an order in soon!"

I then offered some great tips on the Maypole

"I love the Maypole too, have you tried missing a tier at the base then screw 2 pillars together and pop another tier on top and its a lovely tall traditional cake stand =) I have just emailed you too."

Adele and Dawn both thought that was a great idea and it no time at all Adele created the most wonderful Birthday party cake display below.

 Well done for using my little tip and thank you so much for posting the photo, it shows everyone there is so much that can be done with a Maypole cake stand tower.

 In Adele's own words -

 "A birthday cake displayed on a maypole stand using two pillars between two tiers, as you suggested last week! It worked really well!"

Molly was super lucky to have such a lovely music themed Birthday Cake display made by Adele Bellingham from The Village Cake Company

 Here are a couple of cupcake creations, not yet on our cake stands but ready for the big day.

Vanilla Cupcakes by Chelsey Gourgaud

Thank you to all the contributions on our Facebook page, as you can see this is just a small number in this update and I will ensure that all your photos you load onto the Classikool Photo Wall get the Sam @ Classikool gold star treatment and get posted worldwide.

If you would like to join the Classikool Cupcake Community, just visit our Facebook page and click Like us, you can then click the photo link at the top and upload your creations to our wall.  I then blog and ask you all to share the love by passing on the blog link, tweet, facebook and all the other blog mediums get all your creations the love they so deserve.

Sharing the love is Alice Gardner of Boutique Cupcake

This is such a lovely cute photo, and sums up how I feel about Classikool and our love for all things Cake.

Launch Day - it's nearly here

Next week is the launch of the Century. Thousands of amazing cake related goodies are being launched daily, and I do mean thousands. (Well I cannot promise thousands in one day, but there are thousands of goodies to come uploaded daily)

The entire Classikool network of companies has come together to bring you the best cake goodies that will enhance your cakes, give you added value for your customers and increase your sales. The range is huge, and it really means you can buy all you need in one place and get points as well.

You really wont believe what we have in store, its all done with you in mind and only by Classikool, the number 1 cake stand and all things cake uk brand.  Always look for the Classikool name for your assurance of quality.

I have been quoting lots of wonderful cake makers today, and I have one more famous quote from bugs bunny

" That's all folks "

Post your pictures on our Facebook wall 

I look forward to meeting you. x Sam x

Classikool Community Cupcake Party - You bring the cakes, we will bring the cake stands.

Classikool Community Cupcake Party - You bring the cakes, we will bring the cake stands.

Wednesday, 2 February 2011 20:40:19 Europe/London

Posted in PRESS By

Sam Mack

Classikool Cupcake Community Party - Day 1 by Sam Mack (weight not disclosed & sure to increase)

You bring the cakes, we bring the cake stands.

This last 3 weeks has been the most exciting and entertaining time for me and all the team at Classikool, along with our Facebook friends and fans. Being new to Face book & Twitter I have found them both fun and full of inspirational people with inspirational skills and ideas which I plan to pass on in my blogs.

I feel like a ring master when I say  let me introduce you to some of the yummy creations from some of the loveliest people I have had the the pleasure talking too, sharing photos and hearing from. You all make my day a pleasure & your cakes with the Classikool cake stands are the perfect combination.

I would have started this blog 3 weeks ago but there have been technical issues that prevented this, I am now playing catch up and everyone that contributes on Facebook will be included in here, if not this part then the next and so forth. 

Working together we can create a cupcake community that will grow and evolve, swapping and sharing receipes, photos, ideas and feedback to help us all. 

I have the pleasure in sharing the following.

Yummy chocolate fudge cupcakes on a Classikool 7 tier cake stand.  The cakes look like they have their own section on the cake stand, framed perfectly by the clear cross pillar system.


Cupcakes created by Cookeís Cakes (Market Drayton, Shropshire)
Bekki Cooke created the cakes after inspiration from her local pub chocolate fudge. A caramel layer under chocolate butter cream, topped with fudge pieces.

The topping was created with a Wilton 2D (well thatís if Bekkiís memory serves her well) and the caramel recipe was from

I am sure you will agree it really is chocolate heaven.


Peppa Pig cupcakes for the girls and Ben 10 cupcakes for the boys, cakes made by Kazza Madkow

Peppa pig & Ben 10 cupcakes on a Classikool cupcake Cake stand

Cupcakes are perfect for birthday parties and childrenís celebrations. Displayed on a Classikool cake stand takes up a small amount of table space and the kids love it. You can then use your cake stand with less tiers to suit. I use my 7 tier Maypole cake stand for coffee mornings, using 3 tiers for sandwiches and 4 tier for cupcakes.

Talking about the Classikool Maypole cake stand, itís the cream of the crop. You can use any number of tiers in any combination. Leaving out tiers and making seperators for traditional cakes. Some super pictures will be coming tomorrow of the Classikool Maypole cupcake tower in action.

Ensuring you display your cakes correctly is the best way to increase orders, our cake stands pay for themselves over and over and I have been told are worth their weight in gold. Always look for Classikool by name, a trusted brand for quality, choice, service and of course price.

More to come tomorrow, if my pc allows me with the glitches but I keep being assured a new blog will be ready for me soon x

A short message from the Cakestandz team

We are very proud of the wonderful Multi Use Cup Cake Stands we make and sell. Our stands have been sent all over the world, used in functions of all descriptions and pleased the eyes of thousands of people. A huge thank you to all our customers who have been kind enough to send us a photo of the stand they have bought in use. All these images are added to our site to give ideas and inspiration to future customers.

We are always looking for ways to improve our site and designs so if you have any ideas, please do not hesitate to tell us. We really appreciate any comments good or bad.

We hope that you are able to find all you are looking for on our site and wish you all well for 2008

Take care

Cakestandz team

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